"I adopted a four month old kitty and everything seemed okay until I noticed him getting out of breath easily and coughing a lot while he was playing.  He was diagnosed with asthma by the Oregon State Veterinary School.  In order to help my kitty Winston, I had to give him steroids and give him puffs from a special inhaler made for cats which wasn’t an easy transition.  I looked online for an animal communicator to talk with him and found Jennifer.  He told her a lot of things about what he wanted and needed from me and she was able to help him understand why he was getting medication and having to use an inhaler which seemed to work!  I called on Jennifer again months later after Winston had started becoming angry and attacking me. My family pressured me to give him up, but I just couldn't.  She did some energy work and talked with him about his anger issues and why he was showing frustration and found out what it was he really wanted.  Winston is a totally different and happy cat now and even seeks me out so I can pet him!  I just recently called Jennifer again because I am moving and I wanted him to know he would be travelling in the car for a long period of time and that we would have a new home.  She was most helpful in answering any questions Winston had and alleviated my anxiety about the move.  Jennifer has a great connection with Winston and I am so grateful I am able to hear his voice and find out more about him through her.  I highly recommend Jennifer for any animal communication." — Emmalisa Whalley, Talent, OR

"Jennifer has been very helpful to me with my former dog and with my newly adopted cat who was having difficulty adjusting.  Jennifer was able to help my cat heal some of her emotional and physical issues and help welcome her into my home.  Within 48 hours, I saw major results!.  My cat started walking through the entire house, stopped crying as much and started sleeping by me at night.  Jennifer was also able to present me with a technique so I can send my cat loving messages throughout the day while I am away. Working with Jennifer is special because she is able to provide more than just feelings and words when she communicates with my pets in that she is able to tell me the actual dialogue she's had with them.  She has assisted me and my pets with emotional and physical healing and provided us with useful herbal remedies when necessary. Working with Jennifer is amazing and I regularly recommend her to people with pets!" 

 A.L., Vashon, WA

"Jennifer did amazing work with Charlie, our three year old cat who had been traumatized by our move. He was expressing his upset by "caving" under the bed and peeing all over the new house. Jennifer did two phone sessions with him that yielded phenomenal results. He immediately stopped peeing outside the litter box and also asked for specific things that would make his life more comfortable such as leaving a light on downstairs at night. One of the most delightful things about working with Jennifer is having the chance to hear your animal's internal voice. I live in California and there had been a number of small earthquakes after I moved in. Charlie told Jennifer that the house felt "like it was on wheels" and that he was literally trying to "pee it to the ground" so it would stop moving. With Jennifer's help, he is rapidly returning to the happy, well adjusted cat he had been before the move and I am so grateful."
  J. Farkas, Los Angeles, CA

"My husband and I adopted 10 year old Romeo five years ago.  From the start he didn't purr, refused to be held or petted and didn't meow at all.  In addition, his startle response made his life quite uncomfortable.  We are retired and quiet people but Romeo would jump at every sound and head for under the bed.  Both my husband and I have had pets - always - all our lives.  We had rescued abandoned and strayed animals for decades and found forever homes for them so Romeo proved to be a challenge as we tried to make him feel at home with us.  Through a great deal of love and nurturing we felt we had done the best we could given his previous life elsewhere.  It wasn't until we heard of Jennifer and her abilities as a pet communicator that we thought Romeo might be able to tell her what he needed and we in turn could learn how best to help him.  After her time with Romeo he has had a remarkable shift in his personality.  He purrs!!  He stays in the room with us even if neighbors drop by!  He is noticeably happy and comfortable.  He has a vocabulary of meows that is nothing short of a miracle and his personality has blossomed.  Jennifer's work with Romeo has made all the difference in the world to him and to us.  We are so grateful for her help and best of all, Romeo is, at last, truly happy." Barbara and John Boling, Seattle, WA

"I contacted Jennifer to help me with a dog I rescued. Hank had a difficult life before finding his forever home with me.  Others gave up on Hank and labeled him a “lost cause” but I gave him a second chance. I am glad I did because he has taught me a lot. Traditional methods of re-socialization and training produced limited results with Hank. After months of trying to rehabilitate him with minimal progress, I had nothing to lose and contacted Jennifer for help.  Jennifer was able to help me better understand Hank and she outlined specific things for me to do in order to help him. The actions she suggested have enabled Hank and I to have a better bond. She also gave me some insight into Hank’s health issues. I was amazed she was able to give such detailed information and the conclusions she made were in agreement with the Vet’s diagnosis.  Since Jennifer’s communication with Hank, he has been less anxious and there have been several major breakthroughs in resolving his behavior problems. Hank’s health has improved and he has more energy. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone, even someone who is skeptical.  Her help has produced positive results for me."
Lara Mahr, Marcellus, MI

"Jennifer:  I want to thank you so much for your recent work with my three cats. Suzie and Tavish are my long-time companions so we know each other pretty well, but the change since you communicated with the new girl on the block, Emma, has been marked. As she indicated to you, she wanted her own spot to scratch.  I purchased another wee carpet and set it up with a cardboard scratching box, away from the other cats. The results were amazing! She hasn’t scratched on the living room carpet once since and confines her very vigorous clawing to her own spot.  I realize that having been abandoned by her previous owners, at the age of three or thereabouts, has had a huge impact on Emma.  I’m committed to giving her all the time she needs to trust again, but it is so nice now after having you work with her energy, that she actually sits on my knee and even allows me to pick her up!  I really appreciate your help with her and I’m looking forward to another consultation with you in a few months.  Thank you!" Lyn O’Keefe, Vancouver, Canada

"Jennifer spoke to my dog, Ace, and everything that came out of that communication was right on!  She helped me to understand how Ace was feeling and what I could do to help him feel better.  After their conversation, the connection between Ace and I was even stronger and more powerful.  Animal communication is a great way to solidify the bond with your animal and validate your deepest inklings of connection.  I would recommend Jennifer’s services to anyone because she is excellent at what she does and the rewards of communicating with your animal will last a lifetime!"
Sarah Tate, Sandpoint, ID

"I contacted Jennifer because my cat Momo was suffering from severe constipation and was exhibiting strange neurological symptoms such as pacing in tight circles and getting underfoot all the time. In our phone session, Jennifer tuned into Momo within seconds and related that he felt dizzy, off-balance, confused and wanted to stick close by me. Through her, he was able to express that he needed warmth, a change of food and a smaller and confined space to roam in.  Jennifer also recommended natural, effective methods of relieving his constipation--the only ones I hadn't tried!!  She suggested T-Touch which has relieved much of Momo's discomfort and has also bonded us closer together. Momo rolls onto his back now and purrs continually as I massage him as if to say, "Now you finally know what I want!" I am so grateful to Jennifer for her insightful listening and keen advice; two separate skills not often found in a single pet care professional." 
Ani Delmont, Fort Collins, CO

"Jennifer is a natural and truly amazing when it comes to communicating with animals. When my son’s dog was acting very strangely and depressed for four days in a row, she brought him to a better place of understanding within the same day! He immediately became a much happier dog because of her help, restoring peace to our home. Also, when my Yorkie had urination issues during a trip, Jennifer communicated with her and we had no further incidents! Jennifer has a strong bond and a deep understanding with all animals and we have benefitted several times from her caring attention to our pets.”
Kristi and Lyle Owens, Ashland, OR

“My two year old Persian cat Lulu had stopped using her litter box after some major changes within our household.  She was urinating all over the house and causing a real problem.  I was afraid the other cats in the house would follow her lead, which would have only aggravated the situation.  After doing everything I could think of without any results, I was faced with finding another home for Lulu since she was having such a hard time adjusting to the new set of circumstances.  Jennifer communicated with her and passed on some things to me that had really been bothering Lulu.  I made the changes Jennifer suggested and Lulu resumed using her litter box again!  Jennifer is a skilled animal communicator and her help prevented what could have been a disastrous situation.”
John Entwistle, Vancouver, Washington

“My cat Fuller had been missing for four days when I called Jennifer.  I was very worried because he’s not a wanderer or a risk taker at all.  Jennifer talked with him and said that he was missing his alpha cat George who had moved to a different house.  Because Fuller was worried about George, he went to find him.  Jennifer told him that that George was doing fine, but that I missed Fuller terribly and was very worried.  She advised him to stop being shy and find some nice people who could get our phone number from his collar and call me.  Less than ten minutes after Jennifer talked with Fuller, a woman called and asked if I was missing a cat.  I just about fell off my chair!  The woman, who lives only three blocks away, immediately brought him home.  There were tears all around and strangely enough she said Fuller looked just like her cat!”
Jackie Fischer, Portland, OR

"I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone with a pet related concern.  "My Mini-Dachshund Betsy had been suffering from a bad cough she just couldn't seem to get over and also had started yelping in pain whenever I picked her up.  She didn't want to move around or play like she usually did and I was concerned there was something more going on than just a prolonged cough.  Jennifer talked with her and discovered she was still mourning the loss of her litter mate and best dog friend who had passed a few years earlier.  What Betsy wanted and needed was time enough to rest without my younger dog's constant and playful attention and a different kind of dog food while her mouth healed from a recent tooth extraction.  Jennifer's explanation to her about loss and the suggesed time away from my other dog has made a big difference in Betsy's behavior.  Betsy was able to get over her cough, is more agile than before and really loves her new dog food!  Overall, she just seems much happier."
Vaunie Williams, Beaverton, OR

“Jennifer is truly gifted.  My black lab and best friend, Sydney Ellen, was diagnosed with a fast growing cancer and then passed six months later.  Syd’s last month was devastating.  Even though we were close and had talked often, I was having trouble tuning in because my fear and grief got in the way.  My wonderful sister Pamela hired Jennifer to ask Sydney the questions I could not.  The communication helped me and Sydney both, because I knew then what she needed and wanted and was able to make her a lot more comfortable.   I would have had a lot of unanswered questions, plus I needed Syd to know how much I love her.  I will always miss my best friend and soul mate, but I am very grateful to Jennifer for helping me make sure that Syd got what she needed from me in her last weeks.  The gifts I received from both of them will always hold a very special place in my heart.  Jennifer is amazing, caring and a true friend to all beings.  Your pet friends will thank you.”
Annie Roberts, Vancouver, WA"

"This is an amazing story! I contacted Jennifer because my two beloved turtles that I’d had for almost twenty years were missing from their enclosure in the back yard. After communicating with one of them, she told me they were in a group of white houses nearby and had been removed by three kids. She also gave me some other information that was only relevant to me, but just enough to target which houses. I went to the place Jennifer told me about and put up some fliers. I also talked to one of the kids she mentioned. He said there were two other kids in the complex that had two turtles matching their description. I told him that if he knew anything about where my turtles might be, to ask them to please put them back or they might die. The very next day, my dog discovered one of the turtles had been returned to my backyard and the next day the other one appeared!! I doubt this would have happened without the information I received from Jennifer. My turtles had already been missing for five days and even though I had put out other fliers in the neighborhood, we hadn’t received even one call. Thank you, Jennifer!"
Laurie Palmer, Portland, OR

"Jennifer truly has a gift for communicating with animals. After our elderly dog had been diagnosed with cancer and we were having a hard time finding anything he would eat, she communicated with him and asked him what he would like. She received quite a long list, some of which were pretty unusual for a dog. We didn't try everything that he suggested to her, but what we chose to try from the list he ate readily. It was a relief for us to get him eating and we were grateful to Jennifer for communicating with him and giving us some good ideas."
Dawn Jansen, Portland, OR

“We found Jennifer through an ad and contacted her because of a new move to the Portland area. Our dog Troy had been exhibiting signs of stress; he was acting unusual and wasn't going to the bathroom regularly. We found that she was extremely helpful in identifying why Troy was having problems. He made an overnight change with some issues and we have made continuous progress with others. Jennifer allowed us to better understand Troy's personality. We really liked having a written transcript of her conservation with Troy. It allowed us to get the specific answers we were looking for to help Troy and it made a great reference guide. We felt that Jennifer was honest and sincere. We highly recommend her services."
Ashley and Marcus, Beaverton, OR

"Tyson, our four year old Tabby decided to take a vacation without telling us.  Several days passed and he did not return.  We contacted Jennifer Parks, well known animal communicator, to try and locate Tyson.  Her communication with Tyson indicated he was doing fine, but was not ready to come home just yet.  We live on five acres in the rural area of Ridgefield.  Tyson said he was near a home with an oriental garden, an arched bridge, and surrounding trees. After a search of the homes in our area, we found the home with all of the items mentioned.  We were not able to find him as he optioned to stay hidden. After several more communications with Tyson, he finally seemed ready to come home.  Sure enough, two days later after being gone exactly two weeks, he was meowing in front of our home, hungry and tired, but in good condition. We highly recommend Jennifer for any of your animal issues. She is fantastic !"
Ed & Sheri Greer,  Ridgefield, WA.

"Having adopted our whippet at 2-1/2 years old and, being curious about his past and then facing an unexpected major surgery, it was most comforting to have Jennifer communicate with our pet to better understand what he needed from us. Jennifer’s communication has aided in easing our dog’s stress level. The changes have been remarkable!"
Suzanne and John Eberle, Portland, OR

"Jennifer had only to hold a picture of the mare, to get answers to my questions. Using a photo I took before my mare Kona passed away, she immediately was able to tell me what her "job" on the farm had been, how she reflected on her own unexpected death, and her new role, again helping others, as she had in our stable. Jennifer had a clear and detailed connection within moments! It helped me so much to accept Kona's passing.”
C. Ashley, Lacey, WA

"Jennifer Parks has been invaluable in helping our family with her sensitive skills as an animal communicator over the years. She has helped us solve unexplainable behavioral changes in our dog, Kiko, which allowed him to return to normal. She has also been very effective working with our new rescue dog, Hauna, on house training issues. Her most important help was with our Koi, Sapho, who was gravely ill. Through Jennifer’s communication, we were able to lift her out of the pond and give her daily injections. Sapho remained calm, unafraid and still, allowing us to treat her. Later, her conversations helped in deciding when it was the right time to euthanize our beloved pet. Her work has helped enrich the relationships with our animal friends, giving them a chance to voice their thoughts, needs and concerns.”
Robyn Bluemmel and Tom Bugas, Portland, OR

“Last year Jennifer communicated with my two cats and I found it to be both a positive and beneficial experience. Not only did Jennifer define differences in their personalities, but she pinpointed nuances which I can incorporate in dealing with each of my cats. I was quite surprised to learn from Jennifer that my female wants and loves yogurt!!”
Elizabeth Pessemier, Portland, OR

"Jennifer Parks was able to provide us great insight into what's going on with our two beagles and our cat. They are a complicated group. Her 'conversations' with them were informative and enlightening making it easier to understand some of the behavior from our little 'pack'.”
Dennis and Gerrie Smith-Thompson, Salem, Oregon