What is Animal Communication?

How Can It Help?

Animal Communication is a way to have a conversation with your pet friend through me as the “communicator”. I accomplish this by telepathic conversation between the animal and me and make this connection through you and a photo you provide directly over the phone.  Telepathy is a universal language and is the way all animals speak to each other. Everyone was born with this ability, but we don’t usually continue to use or develop it after learning to talk and to socialize. I do not refer to myself as a “pet whisperer” or a “pet psychic”, but am the conduit between you and your pet friend to help bring more awareness and understanding into the relationship. Because telepathy transcends time and space, I am able to reach animals near or far, as well as animals that are no longer here on the physical plane. It allows you and your pet friend an opportunity to express your thoughts, needs, concerns and answer questions which may help you find solutions to unresolved problems.

Behavior Problems

(Barking, biting and using the house for a bathroom.) Understanding more about why the animal exhibits certain behaviors can be helpful in making changes and solving problems. Communication can never replace general and humane obedience training.

Health Issues
Talking about health issues can help us get information about what is troubling your pet friend. I never diagnose or prescribe, but can ask questions about where and when something hurts or whether previous treatments have been helpful. Communication should never substitute prescribed medications or veterinary care.

Animal Death
People are often faced with making life or death decisions for their pet friends. I can ask the animal if it’s their time to leave and if they need help from the vet. Other questions, like whether there is something they want before they go, can be addressed. I can also reach animals that are in spirit form. Telepathy isn’t limited to the physical plane.

Significant Changes
Many of the things we do in our lives affect our pet friends, whether it’s a move, adding family members, going on vacations, or making changes to our routine. Explaining to the animal what is going on and why can reduce their stress level and alleviate feelings of anxiety and related behavior.

The Animal’s Perspective
Finding out what your pet friend’s preferences, likes or dislikes are before making a change, can help you decide on factors that will have a more positive outcome for all. Some changes may not seem major to you, but may seem so to them.

Answers to General Questions
People are often curious about whether their pet friends are generally satisfied or if there is something that can be done to make their lives happier.

Lost Animals
Discovering details that may help to locate a lost animal, or determining whether they may still be alive or dead, is usually more realistic than being able to find out through telepathy where they are. This is because they may not know since they are lost.
  Here is a list of Animal Communicators who work with lost animals.

Lost Animal Resources

www.acersplace.com/page5.html (national list)